Activities and Services

Throughout our history at UC Davis, Prytaneans have performed extensive campus and community service.

The Prytanean year runs from January through December. Listed below are our most popular events in chronological order.

Winter retreat


dinner for ten strangers


February - Dinner for Ten allows members to invite their professors and other community leaders to a dinner hosted by Prytanean. This provides an opportunity for the members to get to know these community leaders on a more personal level, and is thus a favorite among all Prytaneans. 

Benefit ball


March - Benefit Ball is another yearly event hosted by Prytanean that serves as a fundraiser for Empower Yolo, a sexual abuse and domestic violence center serving Yolo County. This event is open to the public and is held during Winter Quarter. Prytaneans love this event because it is not only for a great cause, but it also gives everyone an excuse to dress up and literally have a ball.

picnic day


April - Traditionally, Prytaneans participate in the Picnic Day parade. Be sure to look for us in Prytanean purple!