Officer Board 2018-2019

emerald 2.jpg

President | Emerald Tse

Initiated 2016

Major: Communications and Political Science

"I love Prytanean because it allows me to dedicate myself to service while also being surrounded by accomplished women. Beyond Prytanean, I am the SEO Coordinator for a Sacramento-based start-up, Dermveda. You can find me on campus singing, dancing, acting, or directing with Studio 301 Productions and the Dead Arts Society."

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Service VP | Kimberly Francis

Initiated 2017

Major: English and Linguistics; Minor: Education

"I have been a member of Prytanean since Winter of 2017. I am honored to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to service, leadership, and recognizing academic success. I was drawn to Prytanean’s sense of sisterhood and have enjoyed working alongside empowered young women. In addition to Pryt, I’m also a Princess Pals at UC Davis board member, an organization dedicated to bringing magic to children in hospitals and shelters."


sophia 1.jpg

Social Vice President | Sophia Racke

Initiated 2017

Major: International Relations

"I am a third year international relations major. In addition to Prytanean, I work as a business development assistant at the Cal Aggie Alumni Association, and I'm the campus manager and editor for The Black Sheep at UC Davis. I also enjoy jam sessions with friends and watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was drawn to Prytanean because I think it's a wonderful organization for successful women to support each other."

ruha 2.jpg

Secretary | Ruha Heydari

Initiated 2017

Major: Psychology and Spanish

"Hello everyone! My name is Ruha, and I’ve been a member of Prytanean since 2017. I’m honored to be a part of an organization devoted to campus and community service. Prytanean has been an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded women and add to my experience as a transfer student."

nadia 2.jpg

Treasurer | Nadia Zavala

Initiated 2017

Major: Philosophy; Minor: Chicanx Studies and Professional Writing

“Being apart of an organization filled with strong female leaders such as Prytanean has empowered me and my success. Aside from Pryt, I work for the Educational Opportunity Program as a Peer Programing Lead supporting first generation and low-income college students, like myself, with their experience here at Davis. As well, I am one of the board members for Tutors for Incarcerated Individuals volunteer organization on campus. My hobbies include dancing, drawing, reading palms, and trying to figure out your birth chart.”

Caitlyn 2.jpg

Historian | Caitlyn Fastenau

Initiated 2017

Major: NPB; Minor: Human Development

"I am the Prytanean Women’s Honor Society Historian for the 2018-2019 Pryt year. I was initiated in the Winter of 2018 as a sophomore. Now, I am a third year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior (NPB) Major with a minor in Human Development, Adulthood and Aging. What I truly love about Prytanean Women's Honor Society is the female empowerment and support. We support one another in our academic, social, and entertainment ventures. We share a common love for helping the community and I am proud to be a member of the Pryt sisterhood!""

christal 3.jpg

Membership Chair | Christal Juarez

Initiated 2017

Major: Anthropology and International Relations

"Hello! My name is Christal and I'm overjoyed to be this year's membership chair! Being in Pryt has connected me to amazingly talented and ambitious women, and it feels great to have made Prytanean friends(and hopefully make more in the future). On my own time, you can typically find me hanging out with my best friends or trying to read for pleasure. Joining Prytanean is a great way to stay motivated and learn from the incredible community surrounding this organization."

nico 3.jpg

Fundraiser Chair | Nicollette Sanchez

Initiated 2017 

Major: Animal Biology

"Hi I'm Nicollette and I'm the current Fundraising Chair! I'm a third year Animal Biology major, and I'm also the music director for my a cappella group the Cleftomaniacs! I enjoy singing, being outdoors, and petting every dog I see within a 100 yard radius. I love being a part of Prytanean because I've met so many amazing, compassionate, and determined women who I now consider to be my good friends."


Publicity Chair | Romae-Anne Aquino  

Initiated 2017

Major: International Relations & Political Science, Spanish; Minor: Human Rights

"My name is Romae and I'm Co-Chair of La Raza Pre Law Student Association, Director General of the Davis Model United Nations Conference, an at-large member of the Chancellor's Undergraduate Advisory Board, and Peer Educator for the Center for Leadership Learning. When I'm not working throughout the week I love traveling and consider myself a globetrotter. Prytanean allows me to put forth positive and lasting change in my communities and hope to spread such passion to fellow Pryts and beyond."

amanda 1.jpg

Logistics Coordinator | Amanda Ho

Initiated 2017

Major: Environmental Science and Oceanography

“Amanda is studying Environmental Science and Oceanography at UC Davis and joined Prytanean as a sophomore. She loves volunteering at the UC Davis plant sales and Challah for Hunger.”


Webmaster | Jumana Esau

Initiated 2017

Major: English

"I joined Prytanean in 2017 and could not be more grateful for this opportunity. This organization has allowed me to dedicate myself to service while being surrounded by accomplished women. I love that such accomplished women are able to encourage and support one another, as well as serve the campus and larger community. Aside from Prytanean, I am a member of ASUCD and a Student Representative for Academic Senate."


Faculty Advisor | Lynda Jones

Lynda Jones is an Academic Advisor in the English Department with over 30 years of service to the Davis campus. She is honored to be the Advisor for Prytanean since 2004.